Swim PEI works to provide a system where all swimmers have the appropriate environment at each stage of swimming that includes coaching, facilities, sport science and funding to reach their full potential. Swim PEI strives to support swimmers with the services they need in order to retain them in the sport.

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Para Swimming

Para Swimming is the term used for swimmers with a disability. Swimmers compete in categories that include physical, visual and intellectual impairment. The first step for a swimmer is to be classified.

Classification Information

Classification identifies the swimmers’ abilities. Abilities are reviewed as the swimmer grows and improves their swimming skills. There are three classification levels; provincial, national and international.

The steps to classification are different if the swimmer has a physical, visual and intellectual impairment.

For physical classifications swimmers should meet the following requirements. Swimmers should be aged 11 and older and attending sanctioned swim meets. Swimmers with a physical impairment need to be able to swim a 100m IM continuously, for extreme physical impairments this may mean 75m IM continuously. Each of the swimmers’ strokes must be recognizable. Swimmers aged 10 & under must meet the above and get permission from Swimming Canada’s Head of Classification.

Request Classification

Once a swimmer is classified they will be identified by a series of numbers and letters that relate to their abilities for each stroke.

Physical Classifications = 1-10
Visual Classifications = 11-13
Cognitive Classification = 14
S = Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly
SB = Breaststroke
SM = Individual Medley

Once a swimmer is classified their information will be available on Swimming Canada’s classification database so that meet managers and officials can confirm any rule exceptions for the swimmer.


Prince Edward Island currently does not have a varsity swimming program.