Coach Certification

Coach certification in Canada is delivered through the National Coach Certification Program also known as NCCP. All registered coaches are required to have NCCP training at the level they are coaching. For complete NCCP swimming information see Swimming Canada’s NCCP information.

Coach Requirements

IMPORTANT – All returning coaches must be certified by October 31.
Steps to complete certification for Level 1: Fundamentals Coach or NCCP Swim Teacher.

Check Your Certification

To check certification login to ’The Locker’.

How To Read Your Transcript

Maintenance of Certification

Coaches must complete professional development to maintain certification.

How Can I Accumulate PD Points?

Making Ethical Decisions (MED) 

To complete certification at any level coaches must complete the Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation. Training is recommended but not required.

The Coaching Association of Canada records all NCCP courses, regardless of sport. Coaches NCCP certification is available online with the coaches NCCP number and last name. Coaches can find their NCCP number online or can contact the Coach Association of Canada.

Training can be done as MED specific training or with Part A Theory. Find a training course.

NCCP Coach Certification Levels

Community Sport Coach

The community sport coach is for assistant coaches, aged 15 years of age and up, who help teach swimmers who do not yet attend competitions. The community coach may work a maximum of two seasons before they are required to take the next level of training (Swimming 101). The community coach may assist at both practice and competition. It is not recommended that the community coach be responsible for a group. Link here for more info.

Prerequisites – 15 years of age

Level 1: Fundamentals Coach

This is the entry-level coach certification. This is the level required for competitive coaches to be on deck at competitions. The course required for this certification is called Swimming 101.

Steps for certification are emailed by Swimming Canada after attending Swimming 101.  Link here for more info.

Prerequisites – 16 years of age

Level 2: Age Group Coach

Age Group coach is intended for Small Club head coaches or Large Club assistant coaches. The course required for this certification is called Swimming 201 and is required to be on deck at Canadian Age Group Championships and Para Can-Ams. Link here for more info.

Prerequisites –
18 years old
Swimming 101
Introduction to Competition Part B (course or home study)
(Design a Basic Sport Program, Basic Mental Skills, Teaching and Learning)

Level 3: Senior Coach

Head coaches of clubs with national level swimmers require this level of education to be on deck at Nationals. Link here for more info.

Prerequisites –
20 years old
Swim 201
NCCP Multi Sport Competition Development Courses (course or home study)
(Managing Conflict, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Developing Athletic Abilities, Prevention and Recovery, Psychology of Performance, Leading Drug-Free Sport)

NCCP Swimming Teacher

Swimming Teacher is for instructors with Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) or I Can Swim certification who are teaching pre-competitive swimmers. NCCP swimming teachers may not be on deck at swim meets. Link here for more info.

Prerequisites –
16 years of age
Currently Certified as Red Cross Water Safety Instructor or I Can Swim Teacher

Red Cross NCCP Swim Teacher Application

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